Our Sprint Board

Few people have requested me what format of Sprint board I use while managing our sprint? So i have decided to share my sprint board, I honestly do not use very fancy sprint board(I am in love with simplicity) my board contains following big parts, i hope new SCRUM adopters will be not frightened to see this.

First Come: Sprint Goal, this should be very simple objective (if you have one) of your sprint.

Sprint Duration: Based on whatever method you use to calculate your sprint duration, write this on this board ( I write this on right hand corner).

To DO: all user stories which have not been started.

In Progress: All the user stories which are in any way started.

To Verify: after leaving Developer it goes to testing department.

Done: Tester after giving a green signal moves ‘to verify’ things in Done state.

I have learned that writing names of people responsible is advantage in a way that people want to be recognized in these little ways as well so it works for me.

That’s it. Now you have to be on top of this daily (by doing Daily Scrum).

Sprint Board



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