iEfficient Tips of the Day – How NOT to forget any TO DO action using outlook 2007

This is one of my personal favorite tip in Outlook .

We keep forgetting things all the time, Some times you can’t afford to ignore an action Item (be it report for your boss, reply to important client, reply to you home minister (wife) etc. )

I did try a lots of software for this but, at last found very simple and easy to use feature within outlook (which i use on daily basis)

Use caseĀ . You wan to reply to a mail in evening.

Step 1. Right click the item for which you want to set reminder to and click ‘Add reminder’.

Setting Reminder in Outlook (Simple way) Setting Reminder in Outlook (Simple way)


Step 2: Choose the time when you want to be reminded


Setting Reminder in Outlook (Simple way)


Step 3: After you have set the timings you will see an icon (shown below) to confirm you that alarm has been set.

Setting Reminder in Outlook (Simple way)


Voila!!! that’s It. now you forget worrying out this thing and concentrate on other important things as you will be reminded about this task at appropriate task.

Remember time management starts one by one tips.

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