Fraud on Quikr/OLX and other classifieds website

Hi Friends,

Today I want to share one incident which I came across while I was using to search forĀ  a used camera and lesson learned along the way, I wanted to share it with you so that other people do not fall prey for this.

I was searching for Camera Canon 5d Mark III (which is sold for 2.5 Lakh rupees and old you can get at 1.5 Lakh) but many people were selling it for 50K, I was surprised, so I sent the message to the person who was selling this item. here

Here is how this fraud works

  1. He will give you a call to explain the procedure to get the item ( he seems to be too eager)
  2. He will say that he is from India cargo/Customs and has access to almost 3000 such items which seems right but it is not (all lies).
  3. He will say that you have to collect this item from Indian Cargo office (in my case Delhi International Airport)
  4. If you ask for credentials He will send you an ID card of somebody called Bharat ( I suspect that he is not Bharat)
  5. He says that he will meet you inside India cargo but the catch is that you have to submit 5K or 10K before you are allowed to enter the cargo
    1. This is the point where we all have to think that without meeting a guy without seeing item , he is asking for advance(after taking advance you can not trace him)
  6. In order to make it believable he will say that many people are depositing amount in bank daily you are not alone., you can talk to guard outside Cargo office, he is not allowed to share this outside as this is illegal
  7. The guy was so confident it seems that many people have fallen prey for this, he will also show bank slips of many people submitting the amount.
  8. As I knew about similar scam, I contacted this guy from another number this time his details were different so I was confident that is a fraud.

So please guys do not give or transfer any money before you meet the seller in public place or see item he/she is selling.

The reason many people(including me) might be ready to try this fraud is that deal is so cool .

I tried calling police to inform about this case but nobody is picking up the phone, i have mailed quikr, OLX about this number also mailed the SBI about the account number he shared with me



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