Best ‘practical’ process to gather requirements for consumer-centric application- A Product Manager guide

As product managers/owners we all have to capture requirements on day to day basis. Requirements can come from anywhere internal/external stakeholders, customers, programmers, QA etc. We all know no software can help us if we do not follow a process which can help us capture all the requirements and then finally help us to implement the most important one.

Here we will not be discussing which software is better or worse but rather we will look at the overall process that can help us manage requirements in professional and practical way.

First thing first, because requirements can come from anywhere, anytime the most important weapon in your arsenal is simple pen and paper or your smart phone (geeks), I personally use both.



Whenever your ‘requirement gathering’ ears catches those keywords which usually starts with

“We can also……”

“I think we can make this…….”

“Amazon has this we should also have……”

“I do not like this colour….. Let’s change whole design…”

“Let’s make our web application web 4.0……”


Immediately grab your weapon and start recording them with at least following information.

Simple one liner of requirement – “To convert all rounded corner to edged one”, ”To create a new feature ‘Poll of the day’ on homepage”.

Who has requested this feature – John from sales department, collective decision?

What do you think is its priority– P1 or P3 (P1 being most important)


For the last four years I have been persuaded by Agile to adopt ‘User story’ format, Which I am in love with now.

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