Balsamiq – one of the best (because it is simple) wireframing tool for product owners/managers

As a product owner I have to use many tools and before I choose one I have to give try to dozens similar tools or software, one of the wire framing tool I tested few weeks back was Balsamiq, after spending almost 1-2 hours with the tool I actually started liking it and want to share my findings with fellow product managers/owners along with my wish list or possible road map.

Good –

  • Easy to learn
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Both Desktop and web version available
  • Good tools to export and import your work
  • Good value for money
  • Loved – concepts of master (remind me of Flash)
  • Grouping works perfectly
  • Searching control is very very user friendly, just type and you can find the control that you are looking for
  • Icon handling is cool too.
  • Library

My Wish list – Sorry for being very elaborative.

  • — There should be a button called ‘Come out of all the groups’ – I have observed that most of the time when I am working within group I forget to get out of the group, and it renders the page like you are in group.
  • — Application cannot deal with duplicate image upload – when you upload image with same name it has problem dealing with that.
  • — Renaming is a very big big annoying problem – You can easily rename the mock when you are first time saving it but, it has problem of renaming after you have saved a mock with default name, usual error I get is ‘Image has not be rendered’
  • — Copy Style – There should be a function of copying style, it will save hell lot of time.
  • — Should show sticky message about broken links – It should alert me with sticky msg somewhere to show that there are broken links or show red label on mockups
  • — There should be an easy way to link next or back screens – Most of the time I link back and previous mockups, there should be some right click function , using which I could easily link back or previous mockup
  • — Sometimes when you save multiple files 5-6, save does not all of the files, save command is run in 2-3 files only.
  • — Ability to create folders – May be they have not done due to their business model but this is required.
  • — Shortcut to insert last inserted element.
  • — Copy paste from outside – Copy paste does not work when item is copied from outside world.
  • — Export images from editor – You cannot export images from editor, this is required
  • — Allow use of arrows to move crop selection – Crop box should be moveable by up and down arrow keys.
  • — Allow linking of arrow points to the shapes – I sometime wants to create linked box with arrows so that when I move either of one item the linking stayed glued.

Yeah I can achieve these things doing some extra step but it’s time now for Balsamiq to add these subtle ‘WOW’ factors, Overall I love balsamiq as It helps me create mockup really faster and accurately.

I also love their slogan ‘Life’s too short for bad software!

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