About Deepak Fialok

Deepak fialok is happy to see you

Deepak Fialok is happy to see you

Hi there !!! this is Deepak Fialok .

I am thinking philosopher with practical mindset and believe that technology can solve most of our day to day problems that we face (including corruption), that’s what prompted me to choose computers as my career at very early age.

I have set up this blog to help my fellow product managers/Owner, programmers, testers, content owners and normal internet users.

I chose to become Product Owner because of the challenges this position offers, also as it matches with my natural ability to understand different areas of technology (New Business models, Design, User Experience, User Interaction, Programming, Release Management, Testing, Business Generation, Digital Marketing, Solution Design, Project Management, Revenue generations, Business case).

Mostly I have been part of start ups/new businesses because of the unique challenges they offers you to learn new things.

I am currently working as Product Owner of benefitsPLUS (which I co-founded with my CEO Paul Shoker).

I love to play cricket, sing, sketch, read, teach, share knowledge and to find out unique ways to solve new/old problems.

If you would like to take any help on Digital Product Development (I would love to mentor any serious student for free, because I believe sharing is caring) please feel free to drop me a mail on